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> Hi There...Welcome to my website...

I have published this website on 1st of March 2004 for the first time. As you may know,
creating and developing a website requires a lot of time to design, in terms of appearance design
structure design etc, and also putting different information and documents with the different
formats together and publishing them. So l started by designing this template with different
sections (as you can see) and transferring my digital works and documents with the different
formats in to the relevant sections gradually and publishing them which its still going on .
They are including my Weblog (News and Views), my photos in the Gallery section, my
online radio (Uxbridge Radio Online), my CV and other stuff.

All texts, photos and other materials are copy righted. Please contact me at
webmaster@ukhm.com for more info.

Please feel free to visit my website and leave your comments in feedback section.

A long journey starts with the first steps...

Hope you enjoy surfing my website

Hadi Mokhtari
Uxbridge, London
All rights reserved for Hadi Mokhtari at www.ukhm.com ,   5 DEC 2004
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